Sightseeing near Zesch am See

Zesch am See is an excellent starting point for your own excursions
Brandenburg Gate


The German capital with all its attractions such as museums and buildings (among others TV tower, Brandenburg gate, Parliament building)

40 minutes away
Berliner Dome

New Palace


Offers sights such as the "Sanssouci" palace, the new palace, fantastic parks and the film park studio "Babelsberg"

60 minutes away
Sanssouci Palace

Spreewald boat


Find out why most people refer to it as "small Venice" and try the original pickled Spreewald gherkins

40 minutes away
boats trip at the Spreewald

The Tropical Islands Dome seen from above

Tropical Island in Brand

Enjoy swimming or just relax in a tropical climate surrounded by rain forest and white sand inside the largest self-supporting hall of the world.

30 minutes away
Dancers and musicians from all over the world are performing on the Wayang stage in the Tropical Village

Inline skating along the Fläminger Skater lane

Fläming Skater lane

Europe's first and largest skating path is a trekking paradise for skaters, cyclists, and even those in wheelchairs who like to remain active

25 minutes away
Easy to cycle along the path


Wild animal park in Johannismühle

Observe white wolves, black game, bears, bisons and other wild animals in extensive gates and stroke tamer animals such as red game in open areas

25 minutes away
bears, wolves and game animals

glass-blower at work


Visit traditional glass blowing

20 minutes away
hot glass

Monastery Zinna

Monastery Zinna

The place is famous for its old monastery, in which medieval celebrations often take place

30 minutes away
the village

boats tour


A wonderful place to rent a motorboat and explore the local lakes and its surroundings (steamboat trips are also possible)

10 minutes away

the old bunker

World War Bunkers

Visit the old bunkers in Wünsdorf

10 minutes away
entrance to the bunker

horse riding

Horse Riding

Discover the Brandenburg Marches on the back of a horse starting at Baruth

10 minutes away
herd of horses